Mohit Oberoi

Director, Solverminds

Having served as Deck Officer in the nineties, Mr. Oberoi moved on to academia and graduated in 2001 as Master in Shipping Law (LLM) from the University of Wales, Cardiff (UK). From a position as Head of Strategic Planning & Business Development Manager for Norasia Hong Kong he established Solverminds in 2003 together with Mr. Damian - and has together with him taken the company to a level where one of the company's projects was "highly commended" at the Containerization International Awards event in London, September 2011.

Phone: +91 9940619019


The Board of Directors for SeaSolutions ApS

Leif Nielsen
Managing Director, SeaSolutions - Managing Partner, SeaPay

Jan Hornstrup
CEO Soft-Team

Jørgen Schouw
Manager, Soft-Team

Anthony Damian
Managing Director, Solverminds

Mohit Oberoi
Director, Solverminds

Ole Aagaard Jensen
Partner, SeaPay

Steen Christiansen
Partner, SeaPay

Søren Thorn
Partner, SeaPay

Jes Tousgaard
Naval Architect, SeaPay