Jørgen Schouw

Manager, Soft-Team

Mr. Schouw has since the early days of Soft-Team held a leading position in the company and has been instrumental in the development of Soft-Team.

Phone: +45 43430010

Email: js@seasolutions.dk

The Board of Directors for SeaSolutions ApS

Leif Nielsen
Managing Director, SeaSolutions - Managing Partner, SeaPay

Jan Hornstrup
CEO Soft-Team

Jørgen Schouw
Manager, Soft-Team

Anthony Damian
Managing Director, Solverminds

Mohit Oberoi
Director, Solverminds

Ole Aagaard Jensen
Partner, SeaPay

Steen Christiansen
Partner, SeaPay

Søren Thorn
Partner, SeaPay

Jes Tousgaard
Naval Architect, SeaPay